Thursday, 12 January 2012

Black Vintage Hair Appreciation

I've been dying my hair black since the age of about 15 and I've had it black pretty much ever since; except when I went copper for 6 months last year. Since I did go to a lighter shade I bleached my hair which now means the black is highly prone to fading and I think mine has lasted just about as long as it can take. So this weekend I'm hoping to dye it back to it's former jet black glory (after a deep condition) and as I've been running a fun, vintage hair & make-up blog the past few weeks I've come across lot's of wonderful new hairstyles that I'm hoping to try out on myself too. So here's some pics of my black hair envy with a vintage inspired twist!

Dita's gorgeous black hair always looks flawless in waves

Modern twist on the classic victory roll

I really want to try this hairstyle out

From the new film W.E. set in the 1930s

A 40s inspired look

I've only ever worn a veil in a photoshoot but I'd like to try one again

I love this simple and long look

Faux bangs

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  1. I like your post, some good inspiration! I too have been dying my hair black but I was thinking of going lighter, maybe not now though!! xxx

  2. hey, like your post's. the 2nd ;ast picture you doing tutorial on youtube?

  3. Thanks guys :)

    @aysharavat No none of these are me

  4. do u know who the seconf last one is please?