Monday, 9 January 2012

Sew, Sew Away

A few years ago I was determined to step away from the cliche, rather depressing New Year Resolution's of "I musn't do this, I must stop that" and since then have been coming up with positive resolution's that will hopefully make me a better person.
I didn't make this years resolution straight away, but eventually decided that 2012 would be the year to learn a new skill. There's a few new skills I'd love to learn including driving or learning a new language but I decided the easiest and and most beneficial to me currently, would be to learn how to sew. 

There was a time when I could use a sewing machine, I remember in year 8 at the age of 13 making a cushion   in class, but textiles didn't interest me then I was much more into sport and science and so my knowledge of the sewing machine silently slipped away. 
Since stepping into the business with vintage and Mish Mash I've increasingly become aware of how beneficial it would be to me if I was able to sew. Small things like repairing holes or tears and reattaching zips in items would save me a small fortune if I was able to do this myself and not have to go to a seamstress each time. Also in the future it would be my dream to be able to rework pieces to add to the collection too, so I see this as a vital skill for me to learn in the next year.
My boyfriend purchased me a mini sewing machine a few months ago so I was able to play around and get used to the feel again, and just generally practice sewing straight! This was great to get me started again, but as many of you will know mini sewing machines are useless for stitching the majority of heavy duty materials and I was still unable to get my head around threading the machine. 

So I've decided I must get a one-to-one tutor or join a class and these courses are some of best I found in London, I'm still deciding which one I'll be attending.

The Make Lounge - Highbury and Islington
Learn to sew course lasting 3 hours and create either an apron, cushion or tote bag

My Own Dress - Woolwich
Beginners sewing class lasting 2 hours and create soft furnishings including table cloth or curtains

Oh Sew Brixton - Brixton
Introduction to sewing machine with class lasting 5 hours creating a bag

Sew Over It - Clapham
Introduction to sewing over 3 weeks totalling 12 hours, make cushion cover, bag and purse

Morley College - Westminster 
Introduction to the sewing machine over 6 hour session learning variety of different stitches

The Thrifty Stitcher - Stoke Newington
Beginners sewing classes over half day lasting 4 hours making either a cushion or bag

So do I wish I listened in textiles class all those years ago? Yes of course, but it's never too late and I'm looking forward to launching back into the world of stitching and can't wait to add a new skill to my repertoire. Hopefully in a few months I can attend the next level of classes in dressmaking, exciting stuff.

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