About Me

Mish Mash Vintage was created in the Spring of 2010 after being inspired watching the plucky Zoe Plummer (Co-owner of Victory Vintage) on Young Apprentice, who at the age of just 16 was out there selling vintage and making a steady income.
Being at university at the time I was looking for self employed opportunities and I've always been addicted to antique shows on television and hunting around boot sales, so I took the plunge and created Mish Mash Vintage.

I saved parts of my student loan to make purchases whenever I could. First and foremost I wanted Mish Mash Vintage to offer affordable vintage clothing and accessories for women, all hand picked and sorted through by myself. Being a bargain hunter, I'm always comparing prices to make sure we're offering the best deals possible. I want my pieces to be timeless; something you can wear over and over again whilst also being able to mix with modern clothes. I love the whole idea of giving something a new lease of life and also the personal and hidden stories behind each item which I think makes vintage so magical. I'm part of the last age of vintage (being born in 1989) and I would love for people my age and younger to embrace vintage and make it apart of their daily lives in some way.

The Mish Mash Vintage website is the first of many things to come for the brand as I begin to make this journey and I can't wait to expand in the future.

I am Micha, the creator of Mish Mash Vintage; I am 24 and from sunny South East London. I am a recent graduate with a 2:1 in History and currently work as part of a recruitment team alongside running MMV.
I am interested in all things vintage and historical, as well as having a passion for reading, architecture, crafts and politics.
I also love sport and was training to be a sports physiotherapist before History changed my mind.
Being a student I learned to become super thrifty and I've always loved a bargain, so I ensure that Mish Mash Vintage rarely has any items prices over £40.

My favourite vintage eras are the 1920s, 40s and 50s with my favourite vintage icon being Rita Hayworth.

Using my blogs as an outsource for my inspiration I write posts on my travels to vintage events and my thrifty buys that I find along the way. I like to take note of what is happening in the world of fashion and discuss my favourite celebrity vintage inspirations of the moment. I also keep a long list of vintage icon pictures from the Golden Hollywood era as a reference point.

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