Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 for Mish Mash Vintage

Well I feel I've had a pleasant year this year no dramas that I can recall and it's been a  productive year for Mish Mash Vintage, with me steadily moving forward and developing the business. I didn't get to do a lot of what I had planned in 2011 due to not realising the stress that uni commitment would bring but I know for a fact 2012 is only going to get bigger and better. Thank you for the continued support and I wish you all a very Happy New Year. Here's looking back over the year for Mish Mash:

Saw the re-launch of our newly named blog via host Tumblr and I've had a great time looking few hundreds of vintage pics everyday and sharing them with you all to see. I do love an old photograph and it seems lot's of you do too, with many of you 'liking' and 'reblogging' our pictures everyday. Screenshot

Saw Mish Mash Vintage launch the 'shop' tab on our blog while we worked on the main website, so everyone was able to view & purchase what was available while the website was under maintenance.

We created our 'Fan Page' on Facebook where users could like us and stay in touch more easily. Many users from Twitter quickly followed us over, as well as gaining lot's of new support. And are proud to currently have over 170 'likers' on our page.

We launched and added lot's of new items to our Etsy shop. This was the first place outside of our blog that we began selling. I also got the chance to see Katy Perry at Wembley arena.

Our first Etsy shop

Was a month of plenty of work behind the scenes and not a lot of play as we prepared for selling over the summer months.

This was the month where we attended our first vintage fair as sellers and learnt LOTS. I had a successful first outing, which kept me motivated to keep selling throughout the rest of summer.

Me selling at my first vintage fair

We also launched our Blogspot during this month, with some feedback that our main blog site could be confusing (maybe not realising Tumblr is a place for short blog posts). Creating a blog via Blogspot allowed me to interact with customers personally and without talking through the voice of the shop. Blogspot has become a place where I feel I post more interesting topics then our Tumblr.

Screenshot of our Blogspot

Had our first ever article published in Demur Magazine which was a very proud moment. We talked about how to find vintage and great vintage stores to visit in London.

Part of our article in Demur Magazine July issue

We had our first photoshoot and managed to get some great shots with the aid of my close friends Amanda and Sian modelling the Mish Mash Vintage range, and I can't wait to work with the girls again I couldn't have asked for more working on our budget.

Amanda (Top) and Sian (Bottom) modelling our clothes & accessories

September saw me personally moving house TWICE and commencing the final year of my studies, so again I had further delays with Mish Mash's stock being all over. But I continued to be on the look out for great vintage bargain pieces and settled into my new home of Plumstead and I did manage to make my first cakestand from vintage plates with the aid of my Grandad.

I wrote my first ever book review which was on the great read 'Decades of style' a 60s and 70s inspired make over book. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and writing the review and would love to do more reviews next year.

My review on 'Decades of Style'

We opened the online store where you could now buy direct from us! This website is still under tests until early 2012 when we're going to spruce it up a bit which is why we currently haven't gone all out to promote it, but so far it has been great having all our items in one easy place. This website will be linked up to in future so look forward to lot's more to come.

Screenshot of our online store

The end of the year saw us wind down the year quietly as I was heaped under essay deadline after deadline. We sold at Spitalfields, Christchurch which was the most stunning venue yet and had a great day. And we reached 1,000 followers on Twitter.

Part of our stall at Spitalfields

All in all I may not have been able to do all I had planned, but 2011 has been a massive learning experience for me which I needed so I can't see it all in negative light. I had so much fun selling over summer and meeting people and can't wait to do the same next year whilst also taking our website to the next level in the great plan of things. This has definitely been another year which has flown by.
Again thanks to each and every follower on each of our networking sites that keep us going and give me a reason to keep following what I love. I know the beginning few months of 2012 will be quiet as I write my final dissertation but from May onwards Mish Mash Vintage will be going at full steam ahead. Have a fab New Year's Eve!


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