Thursday, 27 October 2011

Decades of Style Book Review

We're very excited as we've just been handed a brand new copy of the fabulous new vintage hair and make-up book 'Decades of Style' . The book, written by American based cosmetologist Lexi DeRock, takes you on a journey through SIXTEEN different hair and make-up looks, each inspired by the 1960s and 70s eras.
With looks such as 'The Bombshell' and 'The Boho Baby' you're sure not to run out of ideas for a long time, and when you do you can always mix and match looks. The book gets you ready, recommending the top hair and make-up tools to have in your kit as well as make-up basics, but don't feel you have to go out and buy everything new because you don't!

'The First Lady' Hair Guide

DeRock's quirky and fun writing style keeps you entertained and intrigued to try more. The pictures and step-by-step guide help to make sure you get each component of the look right and are easy to follow. We also love the informative descriptions at the beginning of each look which help to set the context and familiarise you with the period.

'The Cabaret Singer' Liza Minelli inspired

This book is different as it offers something alternative to the typical vintage look, it includes the often overlooked styles, whilst remaining historically accurate.
We'd definitely recommend this to any 60s/70s enthusiasts who would love to try out different styles from the era and also any lover of vintage who just wants a good read on some fabulous vintage looks. 

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  1. Hi Micha,
    Thanks so much for the great review! Glad you found it inspiring and fun...everything fashion should be : )
    Thanks again Love your blog!! - Lexi