Saturday, 10 March 2012

Changing Fashion: From the 1950s to 60s

Yes, I'm so pleased I can finally incorporate vintage fashion into my History degree!
'How was the change in gender roles in the post war years, reflected in the fashion of women at the time' is the question I'll be answering in one of my final pieces of university work towards my degree, for a module I'm currently doing called Conflict and change in the Age of Extremes which is based on the 20th Century. 
In this module we've covered Youth and Affluence in the 50s, which showed the change in life for youth in comparison to generations before them, and how they used and enjoyed this new found affluence. For part of this we watched the 1960 film starring a young, handsome Albert Finney in Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, which was highly controversial at the time as in contained plot lines including adultery and abortion.
We then went on to look at the new generation of women in the post World War II world, and the change in gender roles as well as changes in marriage and the family. 
As seen post WWI, the impact of war and the change of women's status reflected highly on women's fashion and their attitude in the 1920s; I believe this is also true of the post WWII years. This change, as well as huge political and economical struggles, I feel impacted on the way women felt they could use fashion to express themselves through clothing, shoes and hairstyles. 

Typical 1950s dress

The 1960s introduces the mini skirt

I can't wait to get started on this one, and I'll be sure to let you know my progress. Please share with me any views you have on the topic.

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