Friday, 27 April 2012

Tips for growing my Vintage Business

From next week, I will have all the free time on my hands as I graduate from university. I've already been looking around for some jobs to keep me occupied in the meantime while I gather capital for Mish Mash Vintage, but nothing is jumping out at me and my passion and focus still lies with my business.

I still had a book voucher, friends from work bought me as a birthday gift so decided to look around my uni book shop and this jumped out at me (I know you shouldn't pick a book based on it's cover and all, but I was in love with this one). I had a flick through and bought it and started reading on my journey home. Straight away I started feeling inspired again and wanted to get everything moving with Mish Mash. I've still only just begun reading but I can't wait until I have more time next week and get a chance to read more, it's not only for entrepreneurs, but for any woman who wants to reach the top of their chosen profession.
I'm a big fan of self-help books and have enjoyed tales from Richard Branson and Duncan Bannatyne. For me there is no better motivation then seeing someone exactly the same as you making a success. 

Next, me and my partner made a joint purchase of the Rosetta Stone software. He had said for the past two years he wanted to learn Mandarin (Chinese) and after much thought I thought of how beneficial as well as exciting it would be. My partner wants to run his own printed clothing company and much of his trade would be with China, so any knowledge of the language would be great. Rosetta Stone doesn't promise to make you fluent but it does give you a fantastic foundation. Do your research first as it can be pricey!

Today I booked in for two, free business seminars taking place in May. The first I'll be attending in early May is run by Barclays Bank and offers the opportunity to gain tools and support to help start a new business, learning how to write a business plan, source finance and market your business. There's also the opportunity to network with other business owners, which I feel is invaluable. 
The second will be at the Excel centre in London, with hundreds of exhibitors providing information on how they can aid the growth of your business. There's also talks from successful entrepreneurs, and seminars and workshops for one-to-one help. 
And those are some of the steps I've taken recently to learn and progress further. I'm hoping this will all help give me a more rounded view of the business and fashion industries in general as I am still learning lots.

Do you attend any business classes or networking groups locally? Have they benefited your business?


  1. I can see that you have a nice plan here. You did a great move of booking seminars before going full-time with your business. Many entrepreneurs experience unexpected problems and are forced to close shop simply because of lack in planning. I think you already know the importance of research to the success of a business. I can say that you are on the right track, and I hope things will work out for you!

    Sherika Jose

  2. Keep your business plan as simple as possible. Keep it simple, clear and flexible. Attending seminars is a big help to every entrepreneur out there, both to budding and well-established entrepreneurs. It’s always a privilege to listen from well-established and successful businessmen.

    -Clint Shaff

  3. I think it's a good idea if he has a foundation of the Mandarin language if he will attempt to pursue that kind of business, especially if he wants to really personalize the prints.

    Lonnie Lisa