Monday, 12 March 2012

Lana Del Rey's Vintage Inspired Style

Comparing herself to Nancy Sinatra (allbeit a more 'gangster' version in her own words) Lana Del Rey has taken the alternative music scene by storm the past six months. I was first captivated by her gorgeous, haunting voice and was pleasantly pleased to see the image of the young woman with the stunning voice, wasn't typical of the music industry with her long red hair in retro waves whilst at other times being back combed to give a beehive effect.
It's quite clear Lana is heavily influenced by the 1960s and 1970s from her clothes to hair and nails; and with the 70s trend in this season with its pastel colours and geometric designs, we can definitely see her image rubbing off on more young ladies.
Here's a few pictures of the lovely Lana Del Rey, carrying off the vintage look perfectly.

Nancy Sinatra

Bouffant hair

Retro waves

More 1950s with a retro car

With her rollers in

Flowers in her hair with a cute playsuit

Reminiscent of the 60s in this black & white shot

If you wish to try out Lana's look, please refer to our blog post here to help you get the look.

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