Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Spitalfields Sale

Yesterday I visited Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair January Sale held at Spitalfields Market in the East End of London. There were plenty of stalls to keep you busy browsing for a few hours and I was pleasantly surprised to see the market living up to its reputation with almost every stall offering some items if not all on sale and this included the highest qualities of clothing too as well as furs and accessories. The main reason I visited was to find some 1950s cat eye glasses but unfortunately there wasn't too many stalls offering glasses (probably because they all come out in summer) so I didn't buy anything from the market itself; but I did pick up a lovely flared dress from Collectif reduced from £55 to £20 so I was very pleased with this!

So all in all I had a great day out, the market is perfectly situated to enjoy not only the market but the surrounding many shops and restaurants the only negative I had was that the market can get very crowded at times and it can be difficult to move, sometimes I had to wait a few minutes to get to the table I wanted to view but this obviously only shows how popular it was.
Here's a few pictures which I took on the day, enjoy :)

The Vintage Market

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Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair is now at Spitalfields Market every first Saturday of the month. For more info visit the site


  1. This looks great, I wish I'd gone...Il have to keep a look out for the next event...

  2. I had a stall here! This is a lovely blog! Thanks for following, I've joined your blog now x

  3. It was great Holly you really should try to get down for the next.
    Hi Amy I saw your stall & fell in love with all your designs! I would have bought something but I was afraid that the small might be too big for me. I was the one who asked if you have a website :) x