Friday, 23 March 2012

Currently my favourite blogs

Being a blogger myself you would think I'd get tired of sitting in front of a computer screen all the time, but I do like to spend some time unwinding by reading other people's blogs; I think I prefer this to reading a magazine as you can find blogs which match your specific interests without having to skip through lot's of pages. These are a few of the blogs I have found myself going back to continuously over the past year, and if I've not stopped by for a while I like to have a long browse and catch up. They all offer something slightly different which I like too, so if you're like me and enjoy vintage clothing and the past in general I'm sure you'll find a gem amongst these!

Rockalily is run by Ree Ree Rockette, a rockabilly influenced entrepreneur with her own lipstick business.
Being an aspiring business lady myself I love to see Ree Ree's progress with her business and she often posts tips for improving your own as well as notes from her 'Wonderful Women' group meet-up. But I also love Ree Ree's style and enjoy her daily outfit posts as well as awaiting her latest tattoo or cateye glasses frames purchase.

I originally came across Betty Bee whilst reading Vintage Life Magazine and loved her regular column of crafting and upcycling so was keen to find more tutorials from the wonderful Mrs Bee. I still love visiting Betty's blog Tales from Betty Bee Towers for her wonderful make-do projects, but I also love her gossip on the latest in the vintage world and she offers fabulous giveaways too.

I first met Lauren, owner of Poppy Lauren Vintage at my first vintage fair last year and kept up-to-date with her goings-on via blogspot Poppy Lauren Vintage Boutique. I love to follow pictures of Lauren's different shop displays showing her vintage kitchenalia for sale amongst a retro kitchen, as well as the progress of renovating her new home using antique items to give it a real vintage feel. 

Demi, like me loves Old Hollywood and her blog Demii Lauren on tumblr is filled with photographs of stars in Hollywood's heyday. She also displays her latest vintage clothing finds and gives you tips on creating vintage hair.

This one appeals to both my love of vintage and History in general. From the publishers of Life magazine, this blog posts pictures, articles and information on some of its stories which were published in its covers between 1936-1972. I particularly love the 'On this day' posts which show a photograph of an important event from the time.

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