Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Passion Returns

So as you may know, Mish Mash Vintage started as a hobby venture for me while I was still at uni looking to make some extra money whilst indulging in my love of history.
The last year saw me put everything on hold with Mish Mash, as I put all my efforts into my final year of university coming out with a 2:1 BA in History in July horaah! I have also had a rather turbulent private life, moving home three times this year and coming out of a 5 year relationship, lots to keep my mind occupied.
Last week I started a new job as a contract coordinator, preparing and chasing contracts for new workers, not at all what I want to do with my life, but money nevertheless; if anything it has defintiely reinforced the idea that I do NOT want to have a career in an office. Now that I've had time to settle down again with a structure and steady income, my passion for vintage has returned and I have very much missed being out of the loop.
It's not just vintage I miss but business itself, I love being organised and creating lists and spreadsheets and of course creating blog posts here and on Tumblr for you all to read. This time I'm not going to set myself any strict deadlines as I hate to disappoint, but instead start off how I did 2 years ago at a steady pace slowly getting myself back into things. I planned to make my spare room into a photography studio so I always had easy access, but since the end of my relationship I have moved back with family & am saving for my own place and a car so I can drive around sourcing vintage wares and selling at markets myself! I have found a great little, local photo studio with great prices which I plan to use in future for my shoots and am thoroughly looking forward to this. I hope to make a visit some time in November and photograph our Winter collection.
I really hope to start making more regular blog posts on here again and communicating with you all. I'm off to Bristol this weekend and hopefully I can spare some time to visit a vintage shop or two, so please send in any recommendations you may have. I also visited a shop Wow Retro near my work last week which was crammed full of mens and womenswear and I definitely plan to stop by again soon.

Winter is drawing in and I plan to spend my nights tucked up on the net informing you all of Mish Mash's goings on.

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