Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas TV I cannot wait for

What better way to relax after food and party games on Christmas, then everyone sitting around the TV together. We normally always watch The Wizard of Oz together.

What's returning to our screens, with a vintage twist?
I have been obsessed with the 80s based drama 'This is England' since it was shown on Film4 back in 2006.
For those who have never seen, it's based on a group of skinheads living Nottingham and how their way of life was becoming tainted by Nationalists and my favourite character has to be the wonderfully talented Rosamund Hanson portraying 'Smell'.

I've seen the film around 5 times now, but still need my very own copy on DVD!

After huge success the film was followed up with a TV series in 2010 called This is England '86 and it certainly didn't disappoint me, continuing the gripping drama and storylines as well as the great laughs from the film. It's also kind of amazing to me that my own parents would have been the age of the people represented at the same time.

I LOVE a real British film and this encompasses everything I love about them, reflecting the rawness of some people's lives and with fantastic local actors. Next week sees the return of the fantastic cast in This is England '88 and I cannot wait, with a rumoured This is England '90 to follow (I'm slightly gutted there's not an '89 as this was when I was born). See below for the trailer for the new series out on Channel 4, 13th December.

This is England '88 trailer

On the rather opposite scale of the vintage spectrum, I am also eagerly anticipating 1920s based drama Downton Abbey's return to our screen. I only started watching half way through this series, after being recommended by a friend and I became hooked instantly. The nation has also become gripped with Downton and I know lot's of us were sad to see it leave, but not to worry as the cast will be back with a 2 hour special on Christmas Day, hooray!
From clues I think this episode will focus very much on Lady Mary and Matthew's relationship and perhaps we'll finally have our questions answered as to whether will they or won't they; and we'll get to see just how they did Christmas in a country manor house in the 20s, exciting.

The cast of Downton Abbey getting ready for Christmas

I'm also looking forward to the not so vintage in the Absolutely Fabulous comeback, Outnumbered, Dr Who and Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Christmas specials. What have you got lined up to watch?

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