Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rik Lee and the Nightcall Collection

Australian artist Rik Lee is best known for his tattoo inspired images and has worked with big name clients such as Puma, Nylon and Lee Jeans in the past. Rik has recently launched his own clothing line Nightcall to showcase his designs in a men and womenswear collection.

His 'Hood Girls'

I love anything relating to tattoos and love the images as pieces of their own art; so when Nightcall popped up on my Tumblr page I was blown away by the strong, exotic girl with a leopard on her head. Rik's collection is still growing, but currently consists of a men's line offering printed t-shirts and sweatshirts and a women's line including swimsuits and vests. There's also a number of accessories you can own, with phone cases, skateboards and wrist cuffs for sale. The strong images of women in their war-like attire makes for a stand out outfit, with the bright colours helping to maintain femininity.

Kitty halter swimsuit

This leopard tee grabbed my initial attention

Men's grey Wolfgirl Tee

Iphone cases

I look forward to see what else comes from this brand, as I know Rik is already expanding into new characters and accessories such as bandanna's.

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