Monday, 13 June 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hi everyone my name is Micha and I run Mish Mash Vintage.
Mish Mash Vintage is predominantly an online vintage boutique where you can purchase vintage clothing & accessories from the 1940s-80s, but we also attend vintage fairs & festivals around the country selling our goods.

We have another blog but that is mainly for all things vintage that inspire us (mainly pictures) & we've had feedback that it was sometimes difficult to find Mish Mash specific posts which is why we'll be using Blogspot to post updates and diary entries about Mish Mash Vintage.

Mish Mash Vintage started as an idea a year ago & with attending university and having a second job I found it difficult to commit to the project completely, but throughout the year I have continued to promote vintage clothes and events to the public and now this summer I have the time to commit 100%!
We have been selling on Etsy but have now put this on hold, so that you'll be able to buy all our products in one place at:
The website should be up and running within the next few weeks.
Please check by regularly and we hope you enjoy our blog in the Blogger community :)

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