Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thrifty Finds

Today on my way to have a look around the charity shops I found there was a car boot sale every Sunday at the end of the main road I live on. There wasn't many sellers and I had turned up near to the end, but I still managed to find a few good buys. 
I got some gosh eyeshadow, red sparkly nail polish and lipgloss all 50p each. Although I try and steer clear of books these days as I already have a HUGE reading list, I couldn't resist picking up a copy of The Help by Katherine Stockett for 50p as it was one of my favourite films released last year and was another steal at 50p.
I didn't have as much luck charity shop hunting. I like to do my charity shopping in Streatham as there's lots of choice, but it seems these days the majority of vintage items have already been picked out and have a hefty price tag compared to everything else in store. I bought these shoes brand new for £4 for work. Thanks to moving around so much the past year lots of my things are still in storage, so I only have flats which seem to be wearing thin lately and aren't the most practical in the rain, or stilettos, which I definitely don't plan on wearing around the office so thought these were a nice compromise.
So my total spend today was just £6.00. The boot sale gave me two free entry tickets, so I'll definitely be heading down there more often now that I know it exists!

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