Monday, 9 April 2012

Mish Mash Spring Updates

Sorry for neglecting my blogs, it's the final month of uni and it's full steam ahead to get finished! This is the first time in a year I haven't updated the vintage event listing but not to worry it will be back in May letting you know of all the great vintage activities going on over summer around the country.

One of the first things I will be doing when I complete university in 3 weeks is turning my spare bedroom into a home photography studio. I have the lighting and a dslr camera already as well as loads of spare paint so I may as well use it rather than hiring a studio each time we get new stock in, it's so much easier to have it in one place and I can shoot whenever I want. I plan on completing the room in a week and freeing my stock from storage to commence the huge shoot, and this will mean I will have my website up and running again with a full catalog of vintage items.

I may be attending a few vintage fairs over summer but am still undecided as I have yet to have time to look around at all the events properly to book anywhere. But I will most probably make an appearance at Judy's Affordable Fair in Spitalfields which take place weekly on Saturday and we'll keep you informed if we decide on any others!
I have also recently been thinking of where Mish Mash Vintage can expand into and as mentioned before I have already decided that initially I would love to introduce Menswear, retro and a preloved line onto the Mish Mash website, but branching away from clothing my eye has recently caught an article in which retro decorating is being used to help dementia patients. This service would require a team of two to meet the patient and their family for a one-to-one meeting discussing ways in which a persons memory may be triggered or living made easier for longer, using items and decorating the surroundings to recreate a memorable setting. Of course this won't be ideal for everyone but if it does help some I feel it is great and an alternative to medicine, so I look forward to exploring this idea further over the next few weeks.

We were also pleased to reach 1,300 followers on Twitter this week and were retweeted by Cosmopolitan Magazine for supporting their campaign to bridge the wage gap between genders. We called for more female entrepreneurs and women in the boardrooom. You can sign and support their petition here

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend

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