Friday, 18 November 2011

The Carefree 1920s

From the ultra cool hairstyles to the fabulously styled hats, the 1920s was without doubt a fantastic decade for fashion.
After almost a century of fighting for women's rights to vote and after World War I, the 1920s saw a dramatic  change in the fashion and behaviour of young women. Teenagers and twenty some-things didn't want to return to 'normal life' after the war where women were restricted to the household and didn't have a say, they relished in their new found freedom and experimented with daring boyish haircuts and shorter dresses. 
The term 'flapper' became a popular term for these young ladies during the early 20th century, often referring to a lively, mischievous female. With the emergence of Liberalism in the political world, Flappers felt liberated themselves experimenting with sex, smoking and drinking, still very controversial to the rest of society.

Their clothing was unique for the time too, with dresses being cut straight and tight to the body, often leaving the arms bare and the waistline being bought down to the hip. The desired look was to have a flat chest and a youthful face, with the Flappers being seen as wearing heavy make-up for their time to achieve this look. 
The T-strap was popular on shoes along with a low heel so they could dance for hours to Jazz, whilst doing the Charleston.  

The 1920s look is proving to be popular in recent months especially in the world of celebrity weddings with Lily Allen, Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian and Lauren Bush wearing 1920s inspired gowns and headpieces to their weddings earlier this year.

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