Monday, 12 September 2011

Mish Mash Vintage Updates & Website Delays

After a year of collecting vintage items and planning the growth of the company, I was all set for my August website launch, until my brother dropped a bomb and decided to move to Bristol for his studies, meaning I too had to move and only left me a few weeks to find a new place, plus the riots in London delayed this further.

August was turned into a month full of uncertainty and complete upheaval, whereas I had wanted it to be a time to get everything in order and take pictures of all the stock; now my stock is in storage while I temporarily stay with my grandparents. But I am pleased to say I will be settled in my own place as of the 24th this month....Then comes the next problem lol, this is also the time I return to university for my final year of studies and this means a BIG dissertation in the coming months for me.

The website launch has been the main aim of Mish Mash Vintage since the very beginning and I'm not about to give up on it yet! I work on Mish Mash Vintage solely alone and have also been editing the website myself which is why it's taken longer than the average. But it's definitely not all been doom and gloom as we have attended several events throughout the summer months and have had wonderful feedback, met some lovely vintage enthusiasts and made some fantastic sales too.
I know many people have been asking since last year when the website will be fully up and running and I apologise once again for the huge delays we've faced, but we're still going to be trading at events across the South of England and will very much continue to have an online presence on our blogs, etsy, twitter and facebook.
With any luck we will still be able to have a 2011 launch but I'm not making any promises this time haha.

Keep in touch as we've loved being a member of the vintage community this past year and look forward to much more to come in the future, especially with Christmas not too far away.

Micha xox
Mish Mash Vintage

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