Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vintage Festival at The South Bank 2011

This weekend (29th - 31st July) saw one of Britain's largest Vintage Festival's descend upon London's South Bank. I decided I would go on Sunday as I had my own fair on Saturday and I thought it would be a lot less busier too. I also wanted to see Daisy Lowe's fashion show and Adam Ant performing, until I realised these were only available to those who had purchased the £65 tickets.

I arrived at Waterloo around 2.30pm and made my way to the site, I had come in a sort of 70s theme wearing a patterned jumpsuit and oversized Ray-Bans. South Bank was heaving with people and the green was completely full. I was expecting the festival to run directly along the river front but on arrival noticed signs pointing to a constructed site next to The Royal Festival Hall.
I made my way inside trying to work out the layout with the map (each tent was numbered, then there were up to four different stallholders in each one). I started at the side closest to Waterloo and was quickly swept up into rifling through the wares. I came across a tea set stall and noticed they were selling single plates, saucers & cups and you could mix and match your own tea set for as little as £5. I don't drink tea, but I had seen an article in Vintage Life Magazine of how to make a cakestand & I really wanted to try so bought my 3 plates from Mrs Stokes China.

I went around a few more shops but was really hungry by this point, I attempted to look around for food, saw one van but wasn't my taste then tried to make my way through to the other side but it was almost impossible to move around and there weren't really any pointers of where to go, eventually made my way out of a side entrance and bought food along South Bank itself.

After refuelling I was back to action, this time I entered the festival from the other side and saw this cute tattoo studio sitting outside, although I didn't see anyone getting tattooed. I slowly made my way back through the crowds there were some lovely items of clothing and little nick nacks.
I didn't go to Goodwood last year but after seeing shots of The High Street there I had high expectations for this years, having a much smaller plot the High Street was much smaller too, with a few brand names such as Cath Kidston, Oxfam & New Era appearing here. I must say they did make a lot of effort presenting their stores both inside and outside and the staff were very friendly.

As I only ventured into the free area I was in need of something a bit more, the stalls were great but it was too compact to get through properly and it would have been lovely to have some entertainment outside too.
Obviously this was the first time being in London and there will be a lot to learn. But my main feeling is it was a great day but more space was needed and more aimed at the vintage enthusiasts rather than tourists.

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