Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Basic Sewing Lesson

Last night I attended a beginners sewing class by The Creative Sewing Studio in Bermondsey, South London. Instead of banning myself from something my New Years Resolution was to learn a new skill. So when Groupon were doing a deal on a 3 hour sewing class for £20 I jumped onboard right away.

We learnt a few basics, beginning by sewing straight lines in paper and then curved lines. I have A LOT of improving to do on the curves, I just couldn't get to grips with it.
Then we learnt how to thread a sewing machine, something I needed refreshing upon; and then how to add thread to your bobbin when it runs out.

We practiced running stitches using the guides on the machine which help you to sew straight and overlocking stitches which prevent fraying.

An overlock stitch

We also covered several different types of hemming, which is very handy for me as most of the dresses and trousers I buy are too long!

At the end we just had some time to try out sewing a dart. Darts allow you to take in a small amount of fabric to accentuate curves, providing a close fit.

It was a great taster session and the three hours flew by. To be honest I didn't realise how difficult it would be and I will be practising lots on my sewing machine with scraps of fabric before I touch any of my vintage clothes! I keep looking at all the types of stitching and techinques on all of my garments now, it definitely gives you a new appreciation for clothes making.

Recommended websites: - Lots of tips, courses and workshops. Not just sewing also crocheting, spinning, weaving. - Contains a great factsheet for which type of needle to use - The studio I attended

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