Wednesday, 24 October 2012

1960s Fashion: Then and Now

Roksanda at London Fashion Week A/W 2012

Sixties fashion has hit our catwalks with a bang this winter and is appearing all over the high street, featuring styles from mod to monochrome and not forgetting the classic shift dress. If you are like us and want to find unique one off pieces, current sixties trends and authentic vintage designs then check out ASOS Marketplace. Their sellers are individual boutiques who specialise in vintage designs and for those thrifty shoppers among us you can find some great bargains. We’ve picked out some of this season’s best sixties trends that appeared on the catwalk.

The Mod Look
Mod has derived from the word modernist and was seen as a fashion obsessed cult. Their fashion influence came from Italian and French styles. A stereotypical mod girl would have short haircuts and often wear men’s shirts and trousers. Another look created was the miniskirt and a turtle neck top or a top with a Peter Pan like collar. This look was made popular by a young Twiggy.
This season we are seeing tailored trousers everywhere! These are usually straight legged and perfect for wearing to work or a fancy lunch. Pair this up with a tailored coat or blazer and a plain top the perfect mod effect.

Miniskirts were a major trend in the mod world and it’s no different this season. Pair a tweed A-line skirt or shift dress with some light coloured tights for the day and dark coloured tight for the evening (unless you are brave enough to bare your legs in the cold). Choose pastel blue tights to go with colours such as orange or pink and darker colour such as black with red’s, blues, blacks and white. A turtle neck top and an A-line coat will give off an authentic mod look.

The 1960’s brought faux fur, Peter Pan collars, tartan designs, double breasted jackets and maxi coats to the fashion scene. They knew how to keep warm back then!
Faux fur collars and the Peter Pan collar have been incorporated into today’s trend by the likes of ASOS, D&G and Jasper Conrad. Faux fur looks great with a tartan pattern if you want to incorporate the full sixties trend.
Tartan was the material to wear in the sixties and was incorporated into every design and style. Why not try a tartan cape coat as it’s right on trend today and was a popular choice in the sixties. Tartan is a bold pattern, so if you’re a first time wearer, start with something more subtle such as a short jacket.
Double breasted coats and jackets will keep you snug and warm this winter so this is a recommended trend to follow. In the sixties it was popular to wear bright colours such as green and yellow with large white buttons. A double breasted front looks great with a round collar coat.
Maxi and midi coats became popular in the late sixties and it is still a trend we use today. Why not try a military design coat which gives off a more tailored look. If you are going for a wide coat that is more shapeless, match it up with a waist belt.

The 1960’s is a popular era for reason, the fashion! Whether you take inspiration from Jackie O, Twiggy or Brigitte Bardot you can find genuine 1960s pieces as well as the above outfits from the independent vintage boutiques on ASOS Marketplace.

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